Hey Crews people! We thought the leadership meetings were going to be at Canon but we have confirmed INGLESIDE PRES. We are back where we have always been. 

Parents: If your student had told you the leadership meeting was at Canon they were correct, but due to a last minute change they will be back at Ingleside, across from Crews. We will have a shuttle ready to take any students from Canon to Ingleside. 


Sorry for the confusion! But we are excited to be back at our normal location from here on out! 

It's about that time...

As summer is calming down and students are only a couple weeks out away from entering the classrooms Campus Thrive is gearing up for the Fall. We don't officially start clubs until mid-September in most schools (calendars coming soon!) but now is the recruitment time. 

If you would like to be involved in Campus Thrive, whether you are a student who wants to be a leader or an adult wanting to be a leader, just email We'll get you plugged in at a school club or if your school doesn't have a club we can talk about how you can start one! 

It's summer time!!!

Currently, Campus Thrive is out of session, of course "out of session" only means that it's summer time and school don't meet. Thus Campus Thrive Clubs aren't occurring weekly. But that doesn't mean Thrive is not moving forward. 

This summer Campus Thrive is compiling a new curriculum based on Prayer to be used in the 2014-2015 school year. Thrive is also filming videos that will help Clubs either get started or give more ideas for skits and silly songs.