Would you like to start a Campus Thrive Club near you? 

Campus Thrive was started with 5 middle school students in 2003 where they met around an art table. Clubs don't have to have a lot of people, but they do need leaders. Thrive believes that students have the potential to lead their own peers in Bible based teachings and testimony so that they are effecting their school campus with Christ-like discipleship. 

Here's what you'll need...

  1. A school
  2. Student leaders
  3. Volunteers
  4. A place for leaders to meet
  5. Campus Thrive Curriculum

Campus Thrive functions inside individual schools utilizing student leaders to go into their campus and change lives. In order to begin a club the students must be empowered to change their campus, that's where the student leaders come in. These leaders meet outside of school hours and grounds to be discipled by adults, they could be youth pastors or parents. These meetings are meant to teach the students the curriculum they will, in turn, be teaching their peers. Campus Thrive has two different curriculums, Life With God and Prayer (Coming soon), so that clubs can have one each semester of school or even alternate school years. 

If you would like to know more or how to start or just want to talk about ideas, contact Daniel Pruitt at pruitt@campusthrive.com