CREWS CAMPUS THRIVE 2019-20 Consent Form

 Campus Thrive exists to create communities for students to experience faith, generate hope, empower leaders, and THRIVE in the Gospel of Jesus. To do so the clubs that are hosted in the schools are run by the students and aided by adult volunteers. Adult volunteers lead the students in preparing for the Club before school hours and off campus. To ensure that we are respectful to the school systems, churches, and individuals that participate in Campus Thrive clubs the following is the standard we hold our leaders to, whether it is a student leader or adult volunteer. If any of the following rules are breached the student or volunteer will be asked to step down from their position:

Student expectations:         

  1. Students must fill out and sign a leader form each year consenting to be a leader in Campus Thrive.

  2. Students must have a relationship with Christ and attend a church regularly

  3. Students must hold up rules and regulations of the school.

  4. Leaders must attend leadership trainings hosted off school campus.

  5. The lesson and testimony must be presented to an adult during training prior to Club.

  6. Students will be asked to step down from their leadership role if any of the following occur:

    1. Not upholding an example of Christ in or out of school

    2. Suspended (ISS and OSS)

    3. Consistently in administrative detention

    4. Partakes in drugs or alcohol

Adult Volunteer expectations:

  1. In respect to the school, adults only play a custodial role during Clubs, such as setting up sound, selling food or shirts. Adults are not to take active participation roles at the school; they are not to interfere with teaching, worship, prayer, games or skits during Club

  2. Each adult must have a background check done to ensure the safety of our students.

  3. Campus Thrive events are limited to meetings, trainings, and clubs. There should be no meetings held using the Campus Thrive name outside of these listed events.

  4. Adult volunteers are not to use Campus Thrive as a way to bring students to their personal church. Students are to be invited by the student leaders only.


If you agree to the expectations above please fill out this form with your parent or guardian's consent


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Parent's Name *
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Parent's Phone Number
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As a parent or custodial guardian you have given permission for the above named Student, a minor, (hereinafter referred to as “permittee”) to participate in Campus Thrive. By filling out this form, you waive any and all claims for yourself, permittee, and your permittee’s heirs against Campus Thrive, it’s officers, directors, staff or employees, members and volunteers for any injury or illness which may directly or indirectly result from permittee’s attendance at, or participation in any Campus Thrive meetings, events or activities. You als grant permission for permittee to ride in an authorized vehicle driven by a Campus Thrive volunteer (all drivers are over the age of 21).

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